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Our Museum Collection is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own an important historical artifact collection.

160 items

The ship is a yet unidentified British Warship from the early 1700's, guaranteed that she went down before 1750.  Identification is expected.
All iron artifacts in this collection are either undergoing reverse electrolysis, or waiting to. Buyer may purchase as is (if they will perform the proper restoration - support available at no charge) or wait for electrolysis to be completed (our restoration is second to none and we have been doing restorations since 1981).  All brass, bronze, brick, stone, ceramic, lead and other items have been stabilized and are ready for shipment.

This would make an amazing personal collection, an attraction for a restaurant (call us for our ideas) or a fantastic display for museum or other public display.

Not all items are pictured, I will add more photos in the coming days.

Ships Bell - 3 Pieces approximately 3/4 of the bell. Visually stunning, very heavy.

Swivel Cannon with device. Very unique in spectacular shape. Pre-restoration.

Remarkable 9 musket ball grape shot cluster

3 bombs. Including powder and cork/fuse. In restoration.

Sledge head. Pre-restoration.

Solid iron sledge with 4 Broad Arrow stamps. Pre-restoration.

3 fire bricks, 1 whole.

Lead scupper

2 Brass barrel hoops

Qty 7 - Brass buttons, drawer pulls.

2 Navigation Dividers

Toilet ring and scupper with potential initials. Square holes.

3 thimbles, shackle key, lead seal and pistol butt.

Bronze - Candle holder and two spectacular trade weights

Cannon ladle

Pewter plate and spoon

Knife blade

Brass - 2 buckles, and unknown device that was encrusted to the cannon, scallop shell medal

Pipe bowls and two figures intertwined pipe packer

Completely intact k'ang hsi dynasty cup and shards.

Preserved mortar and pestle

4 pieces of lead sheathing with square holes

50 ballast stones of different sizes

25 musket balls, many with clear teeth marks

15 Grape Shot/Swival Cannon shot

6 6lb cannon balls

Note seam and quality of condition

Many shined silver when seeing the light of day for the first time in over 260 years.

6 11lb cannon balls

3 cargo hooks

Spectacular 9 shot cluster (grapeshot)

Complete inventory as follows

Swivel Cannon
Ships Bell (3/4)
Mortar & Pestal
Bottle & Bottle fragments
Pottery shards
9 shot musket ball grape shot
Ksang Hsi Dynasty Cup intact
6 Ksang Hsi Dynasty shards
2 Pipe Bowls
2 Trade Weights
Lead Sheathing
Lead hull patche
4 Lead items (scuppers, toilet, etc.)
Cannon Ladle
2 Bone fragments (animal)
2 Wood fragments
20 Flint rock
Pistol Butt
Candle holder (2)
Pipe packer
2 Brass navigational instruments
Pewter plate 1/2
Pewter spoon
4 Buttons
Copper coins
2 bombs with cork and powder (inert)
3 Fire Brick
25 Musket Balls many with teeth marks
2 Copper Barrel Hoops
6 Large Cannon Balls 11lbs
6 Medium Cannon Balls 6lbs
15 Grape Shot/Swivel Cannon ammo
Intact 9 shot grape shot
4' all iron sledge with 4 broad arrow stamps
2 Eye hooks
3 cargo hooks
Axe head
Sledge head
6' huge rigging w/bolt
20 Spikes, Rods Nails, all sizes

Photo documentation of pre encrustation removal accompanies the collection.

Buyer may select an additional 5 items from our over 1000 still encrusted and yet unidentified items.  Additional items may be purchased at discount.

All items come with a Certificate of Authenticity and lifetime registration at


Please feel free to ask any questions rwerner at

Pickup is free. Shipping can be made at $2.00/mile from Asheville, NC, or at buyers cost with a commercial carrier, which we do not recommend.



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